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Electrical Electonics and Comunication Engineering EEE ECE

Power System Analysis - EE6501


-> Power System Analysis - Introduction
-> Modern Power System (Or) Electric Energy System
-> Analysis For System Planning and Operational Studies
-> Basic Components of a Power System
-> Concept of Real and Reactive Power
-> Modeling of Components For Load Flow Analysis
-> Single Line diagram of an Electrical system
-> Impedance Diagram
-> Reactance Diagram
-> Per Phase and Per Unit Representation
-> Change of Base
-> Formation of Y BUS & Z BUS
-> Solved problems and Examples on Per Unit Analysis
-> Important Short Questions and Answers: Power System Analysis - Introduction


-> Importance of Power Flow Analysis in Planning and Operation of Power Systems
-> Statement of Power Flow Problem
-> Classification of Buses
-> Iterative Solution Using Gauss-Seidel Method - Algorithm
-> Iterative Solution Using Newton-Raphson Method - Algorithm
-> Iterative Solution Using Fast Decoupled Load Flow Method - Algorithm
-> Compare the Gauss Seidel and Newton Raphson Methods of Load Flow Study
-> Important Short Questions and Answers: Power Flow Analysis


-> Importance Short Circuit (Or) For Fault Analysis
-> Basic Assumptions in Fault Analysis of Power Systems
-> Symmetrical Fault
-> Fault Analysis Using Z-Bus Matrix - Algorithm
-> Solved problems: Fault Analysis - Balanced Faults
-> Important Short Questions and Answers: Fault Analysis - Balanced Faults


-> Introduction to Symmetrical Components
-> Sequence Impedances Sequence Networks
-> Representation of Single Line to Ground, Line to Line and Double Line to Ground Fault Conditions
-> Unbalanced Fault Analysis Problem Formulation
-> Important Short Questions and Answers: Symmetrical Components And Unbalanced Fault Analysis


-> Classification of Power System Stability - Angle and Voltage Stability
-> Power angle equation and draw the power angle curve
-> Swing equation for a SMIB (Single machine connected to an infinite bus bar) system
-> Critical clearing angle
-> Single Machine Infinite Bus (SMIB) System: Development of Swing Equation
-> Critical clearing angle and critical clearing time in transient stability
-> Important Short Questions Answers: Stability Analysis

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