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Electrical Electonics and Comunication Engineering EEE ECE

Electronic Devices and Circuits - EC6202


-> Semiconductor: Diode
-> Review of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Semiconductors
-> PN Junction Diode:Operation, V-I characteristics of Forward and Reverse Bias Condition
-> Transition capacitances
-> Diffusion capacitance
-> Half Wave Rectifier: Characteristics and Working
-> Full wave rectifier: Center Tapped Full Wave and Full Wave Bridge Rectifier
-> Light Emitting Diode (LED)
-> Laser diode and its L/I characteristic
-> A Zener Diode and its characteristics, Regulator
-> Important Short Questions and Answers: PN Junction Devices


-> Transistors: Types, Construction, Currents
-> Operation of an NPN and PNP Transistor
-> Configuration of Transistor Circuit: CB, CE, CC configuration Input and Output Characteristics
-> Common base(CB) configuration of Transistor
-> Common emitter (CE) configuration of Transistor
-> Common collector (CC) configuration of Transistor
-> Field Effect Transistor(FET) and its Operation
-> MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) - Depletion and Enhancement mode: Construction, Operation, Symbol, Characteristics
-> Biasing: Fixed Bias or Base Bias and Stability of Operating Point
-> Uni Junction Transistor (UJT): Construction, Operation, Characteristics, Applications
-> Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR): Construction, Working Principle
-> V-I Characteristics of SCR
-> DIAC (Diode A.C. Switch): Circuit symbol, Construction, Operation, V- I characteristics, Applications
-> TRIAC: symbol, basics, Operation, Characteristics, Advantages and disadvantages
-> Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor(IGBT) and its Characteristics
-> Important Short Questions and Answers: Transistors


-> CE, CB and CC Amplifiers Circuits
-> Small Signal Low Frequency h-parameter Model
-> General shape of frequency response of amplifiers
-> Low frequency analysis of amplifier to obtain lower cut-off frequency
-> MOSFET small signal model Amplifiers
-> High frequency analysis of MOSFET
-> Frequency Response of Common Source Amplifier
-> Important Short Questions and Answers: Amplifier Circuits


-> Multistage Amplifiers
-> Advantages of Representation of Gain in Decibels
-> Basics of Differential Amplifier
-> Transistorised Differential Amplifier
-> Differential Mode Operation - Differential Amplifier
-> Common Mode operation and Configurations - Differential Amplifier
-> D.C. Analysis of Differential Amplifier
-> Tuned amplifier
-> General shape of frequency response of amplifiers
-> Neutralization Methods
-> Power Amplifiers
-> Important Short Questions and Answers: Multistage Amplifiers and Differential Amplifier


-> Feed Back Amplifiers and Oscillators
-> Feedback: Positive and Negative feedback
-> Principles of Negative Voltage Feedback In Amplifiers
-> Gain of Negative Voltage Feedback Amplifier
-> Advantages of Negative Voltage Feedback
-> Effects of Negative Current Feedback
-> Oscillators
-> The Hartley Oscillator
-> The Colpitts Oscillator
-> Wien Bridge Oscillator
-> Quartz Crystal Oscillators
-> Important Short Questions and Answers: Feed Back Amplifiers and Oscillators

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