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Electrical Electonics and Comunication Engineering EEE ECE

Electric Energy Generation, Utilization and Conservation - EE6801


-> Merits and Advantages of electric traction
-> Requirements of an ideal traction system
-> AC and DC Supply Systems in Electric Traction or System of Track
-> Mechanics of train movement
-> Traction motors and control
-> Electric braking
-> Recent trends in electric traction
-> Track Equipment and Current Collecting System
-> Important Short Questions and Answers: Electric Drives and Traction


-> Illumination: Introduction
-> Importance of lighting
-> Properties of good lighting scheme
-> Laws of illumination
-> Classification of light sources or lamps
-> High Pressure Mercury Vapour Lamp
-> Incandescent lamp
-> Gaseous discharge lamps
-> Sodium Vapour Lamp
-> Fluorescent Lamp
-> Lighting Calculations
-> Design of lighting system
-> Types of Lighting
-> Industrial Luminaries
-> Road Lighting
-> Flood Lights
-> Glare Evaluation
-> Interior Lighting
-> Sports Lighting
-> Energy Efficient Lighting : LED and CFL
-> Important Short Questions and Answers: Illumination


-> Electric Heating Introduction
-> Role electric heating for industrial applications
-> Requirement of Heating Material
-> Advantage of Electric Heating
-> Mode of Heat Transfer
-> Classification of Methods of Electric Heating
-> Resistance Heating: Types, Advantages, Application
-> Induction heating: Types, Advantages, Application
-> Dielectric heating: Advantages, Application
-> Electric arc furnaces: Advantages, Application
-> Introduction to electric welding
-> Types of electric welding
-> Resistance welding
-> Arc welding
-> Welding Generator - A.C Supply
-> Welding Transformer
-> Laser Beam Welding
-> Important Short Questions and Answers: Industrial Heating and Welding


-> Solar Radiation and Solar Energy Collectors
-> Solar Spectrum
-> Solar Constant
-> Solar Radiation at the Earth’s Surface
-> Solar Radiaion Geometry
-> Solar Radiation Data
-> Physical Principles of the Conversion of Solar Radiation Into Heat
-> Flat Plate Collectors: Principle, Components, Types
-> Transmissivity of the Cover System on Flat Plate Collectors
-> Overall Loss Coefficient and Heat Transfer Correlations
-> Flat Plate Collector Efficiency Factor
-> Concentrating Collectors
-> Concentrating Collectors: Definitions
-> Types of Concentrating Collectors
-> Thermal Analysis of Concentrating Collectors
-> Advantages and Disadvantages of Concentrating Collectors
-> Cylindrical Parabolic Concentrating Collector
-> Performance Analysis of Cylindrical Parabolic Concentrating Collector
-> A Grid Tie Inverter for Solar PV System
-> Important Short Questions and Answers: Solar Radiation and Solar Energy Collectors


-> Wind Energy
-> Basic Principles of Wind Energy Conversion
-> Wind Energy Conversion
-> Site Selection Consideration For WECS(Wind Energy Conversion)
-> Types of Wind Turbines
-> Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines (HAWT): Schematic Structure, Advantage, Disadvantages
-> Vertical Axis Wind Turbines(VAWT): Schematic Structure, Advantage, Disadvantages
-> Darrieus Wind Turbine: Detail, Advantage, Disadvantages
-> Savonius wind turbine: Schematic Structure, Advantage, Disadvantages
-> Classification Of WECS (Wind Energy Conversion)
-> Structure and components of wind mill
-> Analysis of Aerodynamic Forces Acting on the Blade
-> Performance of Wind Machines
-> Important Short Question and Answers: Wind Energy

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