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Vernier Calipers

   Posted On :  23.09.2016 01:29 pm
Vernier Calipers

The vernier instruments generally used in workshop and engineering metrology have comparatively low accuracy.



Caliper is an instrument used for measuring distance between or over surfaces comparing dimensions of work pieces with such standards as plug gauges, graduated rules etc. Calipers may be difficult to use, and they require that the operator follow a few basic rules, do not force them, they will bend easily, and invalidate measurements made. If measurements are made using calipers for comparison, one operator should make all of the measurements (this keeps the feel factor a minimal error source). These instruments are very useful when dealing with hard to reach locations that normal measuring instruments cannot reach. Obviously the added step in the measurement will significantly decrease the accuracy.






The vernier instruments generally used in workshop and engineering metrology have comparatively low accuracy. The line of measurement of such instruments does not coincide with the line of scale. The accuracy therefore depends upon the straightness of the beam and the squareness of the sliding jaw with respect to the beam. To ensure the squareness, the sliding jaw must be clamped before taking the reading. The zero error must also be taken into consideration. Instruments are now available with a measuring range up to one meter with a scale value of 0.1 or 0.2 mm.


Types of Vernier Calipers


According to Indian Standard IS: 3651-1974, three types of vernier calipers have been specified to make external and internal measurements and are shown in figures respectively. All the three types are made with one scale on the front of the beam for direct reading.


Type A: Vernier has jaws on both sides for external and internal measurements and a blade for depth measurement.

Type B: It is provided with jaws on one side for external and internal measurements.

Type  C:  It  has  jaws  on  both  sides  for  making  the  measurement  and  for  marking



Errors in Calipers


The degree of accuracy obtained in measurement greatly depends upon the condition of the jaws of the calipers and a special attention is needed before proceeding for the measurement. The accuracy and natural wear, and warping of Vernier caliper jaws should be tested frequently by closing them together tightly and setting them to 0-0 point of the main and Vernier scales.



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