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Field Survey Parties

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The size of a field survey party depends upon the survey requirements, the equipment available, the method of survey, and the number of personnel needed for performing the different functions.

Field Survey Parties


The size of a field survey party depends upon the survey requirements, the equipment available, the method of survey, and the number of personnel needed for performing the different functions. Four typical field survey parties commonly used in the SEABEEs are briefly described in this section: a level party, a transit party, a stadia party, and a plane table party.


LEVEL PARTY.� The smallest leveling party consists of two persons: an instrumentman and a rodman. This type of organization requires the instrumentman to act as note keeper. The party may need another recorder and one or more extra rodmen to improve the efficiency of the different leveling operations. The addition of the rodmen eliminates the waiting periods while one person moves from point to point, and the addition of a recorder allows the instrumentman to take readings as soon as the rodmen are in position. When leveling operations are run along with other control surveys, the leveling party may be organized as part of a combined party with personnel assuming dual duties, as required by the work load and as designated by the party chief.


TRANSIT PARTY.� A transit party consists of at least three people: an instrumentman, a head chainman, and a party chief. The party chief is usually the note keeper and may double as rear chainman, or there may be an additional rear chainman. The instrumentman operates the transit; the head chainman measures the hori-zontal distances; and the party chief directs the survey and keeps the notes.


STADIA PARTY.� A stadia party should consist of three people: an instrumentman, a note keeper, and a rodman. However, two rodmen should be used if there are long distances between observed points so that one can proceed to a new point, while the other is holding the rod on a point being observed. The note keeper records the data called off by the instrumentman and makes the sketches required.


PLANE TABLE PARTY.� The plane table party consists of three people: a topographer or plane table operator, a rodman, and a computer. The topographer is the chief of the party who sets up, levels, and orients the plane table; makes the necessary readings for the determination of horizontal distances and elevations; plots the details on the plane table sheet as the work proceeds; and directs the other members of the party.


The rodman carries a stadia rod and holds it vertically at detail points and at critical terrain points in the plotting of the map. An inexperienced rodman must be directed by the topographer to each point at which the rod is to be held. An experienced rodman will expedite the work of the party by selecting the proper rod positions and by returning at times to the plane table to draw in special details that he may have noticed.


The computer reduces stadia readings to horizontal and vertical distances and computes the ground elevation for rod observations. He carries and positions the umbrella to shade the plane table and performs other duties as directed by the topographer. At times, the computer may be used as a second rodman, especially when the terrain is relatively flat and computations are mostly for leveling alone.

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