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Durability Of Stones

   Posted On :  14.07.2016 07:15 pm

Quarrying and cutting have a great bearing on the weathering properties of stones.

Durability Of Stones


Quarrying and cutting have a great bearing on the weathering properties of stones. Stone from top ledges of limestone, granite, and slate and from the exposed faces of the rock bed is likely to be less hard and durable. Highly absorbent stone should not be quarried in freezing weather since the rock is likely to split. The method of blasting and cutting also influences the strength of the stone and its resistance to freezing and temperature changes. Small, uniformly distributed charge of blasting powder has a lesser weakening effect than large concentrations of explosives. A porous stone is less durable than a dense stone, since the former is less resistant to freezing. Also, rocks with tortuous pores and tubes are more apt to be injured by freezing than those of equal porosity having straight pores and tubes. Repeated hammering in cutting is likely to injure the stone. Polished stone is more enduring than rough surfaced work, since the rain slides off the former more easily. Stones from stratified rocks should be placed along the natural bed in order to secure maximum weathering resistance. Pyrite, magnetite and iron carbonate oxidize in weathering and cause discolouration of the stone in which they are present. Since oxidation is accompanied by a change in volume, the surrounding structure is weakened.


Tags : Civil - Construction Materials: Stones, Bricks,Concrete Blocks
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